Amy Rose
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First Appearance

Sonic CD

Voice Actors

Jenniffer Douliard (1999-2005)
Lisa Ortiz (2005-present)
Sonic X - Lisa Ortiz

Associated Songs

My Sweet Passion - Nikki Gregoroff
Follow Me - Kay Hanley

Amy Rose is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink, 14 year old female hedgehog who plays the part of Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend. She has chased Sonic since her first debut in 1993, and has been trying to win his heart in everything from the series' animated TV shows to comics and games.

Sonic Adventure 2[edit | edit source]

Amy has a short, yet strong bond with Shadow. They first meet in Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2 during the attack on Prison Island where Amy mistakes Shadow for Sonic and because of that affectionately hugs him from behind.

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When she realizes her mistake a few seconds later she demands Shadow to tell her his name but he only keeps looking silently back at her. In Last Story the two meet again at the ARK where Amy asks Shadow to help the others save the planet. At first he refuses, but Amy remainds determined and in the end through her words manages to remind Shadow his promise to Maria. He then agrees to help Amy and her friends.

Sonic Heroes[edit | edit source]

In this game the teams usually fight against each other, but Team Rose (Amy's team) and Team Dark (Shadow's team) never fight against each other.

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit | edit source]

Amy appeared alongside Sonic and the rest of the cast in Shadow the Hedgehog to try to convince Shadow the Hedgehog to join their cause. Amy in particular needs Shadow's help to rescue Cream and Cheese from Eggman's Cryptic Castle.He also mentioned Amy in the begining of Shadow the Hedgehog game that he helped her he had a short pause after that then continued on his mission. Shadow seems to be like Amy more than Sonic (Not in a romantic way)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amy in the main series is presented as being kind and sweet, and a good victim for holding hostage by her enemies. Her kind and caring nature seems to have given her the ability to talk almost anybody out of destruction, from Eggman's supposedly single-minded and emotionless robots like E-102 Gamma (who then released her and turned on Eggman) to bitter, revenge-seeking villains such as Shadow the Hedgehog (who after talking to her, helped Sonic save the world in Sonic Adventure 2).

In the more recent spin-off games she has become far more violent and aggressive, much to Sonic's dismay. Her former image, that of being what could be described as the series Ingenue (the "sweet and innocent girl"), appear to have been taken over to the new character of Cream the Rabbit. However, she is extremely protective of her friends. Despite her violent tendencies, Amy has a very good heart, she never gives up, and is one of the most optimistic and cheery characters of the series.

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