Artificial Chaos is an enemy that Shadow will encounter in the game Shadow the Hedgehog (Video Game) in the levels: The ARK, and The Doom, and Cosmic Fall


Artificial Chaos is an artificial life form based off of the water creature: Chaos from Sonic Adventure. Created by Prof. Gerald some time after Shadow was created for reasons not stated. Most likley for military reasons.


The Artificial Chaos got loose on the ARK and went on a rampage. In the game: Shadow the Hedgehog, the player can choose to fight the creatures off, or simply avoid them. Either way, the creatures were subdued and most likely deactivated.

Black Doom's SlavesEdit

After appox. 50 years after the Artificial Chaos were turned off, Black Doom and the Black Arms reawakened the monsters to use them as soldiers against the G.U.N. forces. On their attack on the ARK.


Artificial Chaos can stretch out their arms to an indefinate length to strike foes. They can also spin around with their arms out streched and strike anything within the radus. They are so tough that they are the only enemies in the game to be able to take more than one hit from the Shadow Rifle.


One of the only weaknesses they have is that if they are hit in the head, the body will split up into multiple parts and attempt to put itself back together. This leaves them vulneralble to attack.