Chaos Spear is a move used by Shadow the Hedgehog, and powered by his Chaos Control ability. The move allows Shadow to create bolts of energy and fire them at nearby, or distant opponents. The move was first used in Sonic Adventure 2.

Chaos LanceEdit

In the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog, players could upgrade the Chaos Spear by purchasing the blue "Memory Shard" upgrade. If players activate Shadow's "Chaos Boost" at its second level, "Chaos Spear" then becomes the "Chaos Lance". The move can now destroy enemies instead of just stunning them. Like Super Shadow's Chaos Spear in the previous game, the move can be charged to increase its power and hit multiple targets.

Spear of LightEdit

In addition to buying Memory Shards, players can upgrade the Chaos Spear even further by becoming Super Shadow. The Chaos Spear then becomes the "Spear of Light". It is still used by pressing the action button. However, it can be charged by holding the Right Trigger button. The longer the button is held, the more spears Shadow will launch. The Spear of Light has the fastest recharging times in the Solaris battle, making Shadow the best character to use in the second phase.