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E-123 Omega/E-123 Ω
Omega 2006.png
E-123 Omega, the ultimate E-Series robot

First Appearance

Sonic Heroes

Appears in

Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood


Shadow the Hedgehog (teammate), Rouge the Bat (teammate)


Eggman (The Doctor), Eggman's Mechs


"This Machine" (Team Dark theme)


Team Dark

E-123 Omega, or, technically, E-123 Ω, is a fictional robot from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game universe, first appearing as a fully playable character in the multiplatform game Sonic Heroes, which was first released in Japan on December 30th, 2003.

He bears a strong resemblance to another character in the series, E-102 Gamma (a possible design inspiration), who is part of the same robotics production line in the series. Many fans thought that when Omega was introduced, he was Gamma. In the games, he was created by Doctor Eggman, and is out to destroy him due to lack of respect and want for revenge.

Omega has helped Shadow (and to a lesser extent, Rouge) in four Sonic games, and while not being a major character, is popular enough in his own right and has established himself as a main character. Recently, however, he has made less appearances in Sonic games, as he only seems to be in the mainstream canon games, with the exception of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood which was a spin-off, as a teammate to Shadow and Rouge. (Although he is an optional character)

History[edit | edit source]

Sonic Heroes[edit | edit source]

Omega is the one hundred and twenty third and last of Doctor Eggman's E-100 series robots, debuting in Sonic Heroes. Omega was designed by Eggman to prevent the release of Shadow the Hedgehog, and, in case he failed to control Shadow when he was released from stasis or someone managed to free him. To accomplish this, Eggman sealed Omega in an abandoned base with Shadow. Being imprisoned infuriated Omega; he decided to prove his status as the most powerful E-Series robot by abandoning his original programming and taking revenge on his creator and all the other machines he built.[1]

When Rouge the Bat went looking for Eggman's secret treasure in his base, she accidentally reactivated E-123 Omega when she released Shadow from a stasis pod. Mistaking Shadow for an Eggman robot and following his new mission, Omega attempted to take out the hedgehog. However, Rouge broke up the fighting long enough to hear both their stories. He soon teamed up with Rouge and Shadow as the power member of Team Dark.[2]

After several adventures, Omega and his team finally defeat Eggman, (who is really Metal Sonic in disguise). Omega then sets about destroying Eggman's Shadow Androids. Rouge tells Omega that Shadow, the one they know, is a robot, and then turns to leave. Omega says, with a slight sign of compassion, that in order for there to be clones the original must still exist, (which is later revealed in the true ending of the game Shadow the Hedgehog that the Shadow in Sonic Heroes is in fact the real one).

Omega later joins the other teams against Metal Overlord. Omega is last seen during that event with Shadow exchanging looks with him and holding Metal Sonic's deactivated body in his arms.

Shadow the Hedgehog (game)[edit | edit source]

Omega made an appearance in Shadow the Hedgehog, still with the sole intention of getting revenge on Eggman. He assists Shadow in the Hero missions of the "Iron Jungle" and " Lava Shelter " stages by teaming up to destroy Eggman’s robots and help him battle the "Egg Breaker" and "Egg Dealer" bosses following those stages. In Expert Mode, he talks to Shadow on the "Mad Matrix" and "Lava Shelter" levels, also being some kind of comic relief in the latter, along with Rouge.[3]

It is unknown whether Omega is considered the hero helper because he is merely less evil than Eggman, or if he has actually reformed to a heroic Eggman-foiling mechanical partner. In the missions that he appears in, the player must either destroy the Egg Balloon ("Iron Jungle") or head to the center of Eggman's base ("Lava Shelter") to complete the hero mission. Strangely, whether the player completes the "hero" or "dark" mission for "Lava Shelter", Omega will help Shadow fight the Egg Dealer, despite the "dark" mission being helping Eggman. In the "hero" version of the boss, Eggman attacks Shadow and Omega when they destroy too much of Eggman's base.

  • NOTE: Omega is the only ally character that neither appears during the introductory trailer or in the last story.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)[edit | edit source]

Omega appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog with a prominent role in Shadow's story. Upon being sent to the future by Mephiles the Dark, Shadow and Rouge notice Omega in stand-by mode in the "Crisis City" stage.[4] Rouge later goes back to the present alone, where she finds Omega in Tropical Jungle (judging by the throngs of Eggman's robots, it can be reasonably speculated that Omega was in the area to destroy them). Rouge asks the robot to help Shadow out in the future, entrusting him with the green Chaos Emerald.[5] Omega complies, and goes into stand-by mode until the point in the future when Shadow is in trouble. He then reactivates and helps Shadow in a fight against Mephiles, after which Shadow and Omega go back to the present. Later on in the game, Mephiles teases Omega by saying that Omega was clearly made to capture Shadow. Angered by this, Omega proceeded to unload his cannons on Mephiles, temporarily defeating him in the process. Omega then reveals somewhat sadly, that he is the one who captured Shadow in the future due to humanity's fear of him.

The trio later chase Mephiles to a desert temple before he can find a Chaos Emerald to merge back with Iblis into Solaris. They take with them a new scepter, but fail to seal Mephiles in the new scepter because of Mephiles' new form. Mephiles uses his powers, along with two Chaos Emeralds, to summon a clone army of himself. Before he attacks, Mephiles reminds Shadow of humanity's betrayal against Shadow in the future. Without hesitation, Shadow tells him that if the world chooses to become his enemy, he will fight as he always has. Shadow then removes his inhibitor rings and, covers himself and his team in a huge amount of energy and defeats Mephiles and his clones.

Afterward, Omega and the rest of Team Dark take view of their handy work and Shadow attempts to take Mephiles' Chaos Emeralds, only for them to start glowing and transports them all off to a space-time rift created by the now rectified Solaris along with Silver, Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Princess Elise, and Sonic's dead body.

Everyone grieves over Sonic's death. Knuckles says that they have to stop Solaris at once, but Eggman informs everyone that Solaris can't be defeated in the present, since it exists in all timelines. Silver suggests that they destroy Solaris all at once, but Shadow counters, saying it is not possible without Sonic.

Elise then feels Sonic's presence in the wind and Silver realizes that they can use the Chaos Emeralds to revive him. Omega and the others spread out over the planet to find the Chaos Emeralds and he finds the white emerald in Flame Core.

Once all the Chaos Emeralds are collected, Sonic was revived with Elise's kiss and the power of the emeralds, transforming him into Super Sonic who then expands his power to allow Shadow and Silver to transform into their super forms, and together the three hedgehogs defeat Solaris as Omega and the others watch.

Omega is playable in the first Boss battle against Mephiles, Wave Ocean, Dusty Desert and the End of the World stages. He is also playable in the various downloadable Very Hard Missions of Shadow's levels, including Kingdom Valley, Crisis City, Flame Core, Radical Train, Aquatic Base, and Dusty Desert. He is also playable in the boss level against the Egg Genesis in White Acropolis which can be accessed after downloading the "Team Attack Amigo" download.[6]

  • NOTE:
    • Sonic 06 is also the first game to feature Omega without being partnered up with Shadow or Rouge to be playable.
    • Omega is the only character to not get a wallpaper of himself.

Design changes[edit | edit source]

Omega's design was changed considerably, with a taller head and bigger shoulders, along with various small details such as less smooth fingers, (making them look somewhat skeletal), giving him a more humanoid appearance. Omega's frontal black stripe has been replaced with a white/silver stripe, making him resemble E-102 Gamma. The stripe also sticks out much more than in previous games. He has a thinner head, with the eyes closer to the stripe. The flap-like things on his sides have been given grooves for unknown reasons. And his hands also look sharper and rather run down.[7]

He walks and moves in a slower, more cumbersome manner like an old fashioned robot, compared to his wild, sometimes erratic, human-like movements in previous games. Unlike Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, he has a higher pitched voice. This is because his voice actor was changed to the late Maddie Blaustein[8] after Andrew Rannells quit voice acting for 4Kids Entertainment to pursue a stage career. These changes could be because Sonic the Hedgehog has a more realistic style than previous Sonic games and they wanted Omega to be more realistic as well.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

Omega is one of the 11 playable characters in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.[9] He is an optional character and has returned to his original design. Firing missiles is his main combat move, which can affect nearby enemies along with the main target. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood marks a great deal for Omega. It marks the first time he's ever been playable on a handheld Sonic game, the first time he hasn't had a voice actor in a game he's playable in, the first time he's ever been playable outside a main series game and his first appearance on the Nintendo DS.

  • After you win a battle with Omega in your team in Sonic Chronicles, he turns his upper body around and the stripe on his torso is replaced

Omega went to Eggman's city of Metropolis to destroy any of his robots he could find, but he found the Marauders instead. The Marauders had reprogrammed Eggman's old robots to serve them and had sent them to take Omega apart after he had to make a retreat into a room in north-west Metropolis. The robots were successful, but Shadow was worried about Omega and went in search of him. Shadow then teamed up with Sonic and co. to help find Omega. Omega was found and repaired by Tails, much to the disapproval of Eggman. When Omega saw Eggman, he was going to attack him, but Tails told him that they'd joined forces with Eggman. At first Omega thought Tails had gone mad and suggested destroying him, but Shadow and Rouge confirmed this for Omega. Trusting his friends more than Tails, Omega teams up with Sonic after recharging himself in the stronghold in the Underground.[10]

In combat, Omega has the highest damage power, and the highest armor, but is also one of the slowest and therefore he only gets one attack per round,[11] however, he makes up for this because his attack is a blast, which hits a main target and does half damage to the two enemies surrounding it. He (optionally) provides most of the end credits for Sonic Chronicles, along with Tails and Sonic. Omega also has his own wallpaper which shows Metropolis in the background.[12]

  • NOTE: Omega is the only playable character to not become playable immediately after being unlocked.

Sonic Rivals series[edit | edit source]

Omega appears on two collectible cards in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, namely the "E-123 Omega (2006)"[13] card and the "Team Dark" card.[14]

Mario & Sonic Olympics series[edit | edit source]

According to a magazine, Omega was supposed to be playable in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, along with Silver the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, (who was later changed to a referee), and Donkey Kong.[15] All of these characters, except Rouge and Omega, can become playable through hacking, along with Jet the Hawk, Big the Cat, a Kiki, Birdo, a Goomba, an Egg Pawn, a flying Egg Pawn, a Bullet Bill, a Boo, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Lakitu, a Toad and a Bandit.[16]

Archie comics[edit | edit source]

An alternate universe counterpart of Omega, called the Omega Care Unit, appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #193,[17] #194[18] #195,[19] and #196. It is a special medical suit created by Dr. Ivo Kintobor to help Buns Rabbot with her NIDS, the same disease Maria Robotnik had. Buns also uses the suit as a means of protecting Dr. Kintobor until he can find a cure for her, much to the doctor's displeasure. The suit was partially destroyed, however, during a battle with Rosy the Rascal. The suit was rebuilt by Dr. Kintobor and Buns was later seen using it again. Buns has also made references to Omega as in-game jokes. For example, during the fight with Rosy, she complains that the care unit's weapons aren't very powerful and says "Ah wish ah'd been outfitted with somethin' a bit more a missile launcher or somethin'."[20] - an obvious reference to E-123 Omega, who has a missile launcher.

Omega Prime has yet to appear in the main comic,[21] but will be in Sonic Universe #3.[22] The previous writers of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic did once have their own plans for making Omega as a possible character to be introduced in issues following #134, but the idea was scrapped. Ian Flynn also had plans to introduce him in #175, but SEGA asked them not to use Omega on both occassions.[23]

When current head-writer Ian Flynn was asked by a fan on a forum if Omega was going to appear in the upcoming Sonic Universe after he had stated that Shadow the Hedgehog was going to receive more supporting cast members, Flynn remarked that he "cannot confirm or deny Omega being in SU at this present time."[24] He has also stated that he has "concrete plans" for Omega.[25] Omega has been confirmed to appear in Sonic Universe since then, and will appear in issue #3.[22]

Sonic Chronicles 2[edit | edit source]

It is currently unknown if Omega will appear in the rumored Sonic Chronicles 2. But due to the fact that he was only an optional character in the first one, it is difficult to predict.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While Omega, as a robot, is largely emotionless, he is capable of feeling emotions. Like in Sonic Heroes, when Team Dark is lead to believe that Shadow may be an android created by Eggman, Omega comforts a depressed Rouge (albeit in a matter-of-fact matter) by saying that they needed the original to make a copy, thus meaning that the real Shadow is still alive. In Sonic Next Gen, he shows depression and anger when Mephiles reveals that Omega is the one who will trap Shadow in the future after the world uses Shadow as a scapegoat for Iblis' mass destruction.

Omega has a free will and a personality. However, he is considerably less noble than Gamma; while Gamma destroys only what needs to be destroyed, Omega destroys anything that could possibly pose any kind of threat to himself or his mission.[26] From his quotes, he thinks other Eggman robots are inferior to him,[27] dismissing them as "worthless consumer models", especially the E-2000 model.[28] He hates side tracking especially when it comes to locating Eggman.[29][30] Omega is also very proud and feels embarrassed after he is defeated by less powerful Eggman robots.[10]

It also seems that he lacks any sort of negativity towards Sonic and his friends, and didn't even recognize them during their first meeting in Sonic Heroes, as can be heard when the player finishes the Team Battle using Omega.[31] This is probably because Omega was made to contain Shadow the Hedgehog and not as a means to defeat Sonic.

Omega's only goals in life are to take revenge on Eggman for disabling him, and destroy the doctor's other robots to prove himself superior. At one point in Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega made a comment about how he would "reign supreme".[32] Some fans have taken these words quite literally, and believe that Omega wants to take over the Eggman Empire and become a robot overlord in the style of Metal Sonic. However, subsequent games have shown this less believable, and it is generally taken to mean that he wishes to reign supreme as the greatest of Eggman's robots, although it should be noted that the Sonic cast acted rather out of character in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Omega is fairly loyal and dependable when you're on his good side, a bit of a holdover from his original purpose as a servant, and he's not incapable of looking past differences to forge alliances. He also genuinely cares for Shadow and Rouge as friends, and accepts the truth of what they say to him over everyone else; for example, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, when the party encounters him, he tries to attack Eggman the moment he sees him, and Tails attempts to convince him that Eggman is on their side; Omega then believes that Tails has gone insane and decides to attack him as well, and he only believes that Eggman is working with them when Shadow and Rouge tell him so.[10]

Stereotypical of most robots, Omega tends to use somewhat lengthy words instead of usual human speech. An example of this is when he uses "Negative"[33] or "Affirmative"[34] instead of simply saying yes or no. Although he has been known to use typical human speech before.[3][35]

Notably, in all of his appearances (barring the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game, in which he behaved in a very odd manner stereotypical of old robots), he makes odd, often erratic movements, such as spinning his head (as if it's on a 360 degree axis) in many circles, and spinning during confrontations of Eggman in Shadow the Hedgehog. Whether this is a programming flaw or intentional is not revealed. Also in Sonic 06, when Omega is standing still, he makes odd movements as if he's doing warm up exercises.[36]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Omega has a huge array of extremely destructive weapons concealed in his arms, (somewhat similar to that of Grounder from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon), including two rapid-fire machine guns,[37] (Omega Machine Gun), two flamethrowers,[38] (Omega Fire), two missile launchers, (Omega Missile), two unusual weapons that fire exploding drills,[39] and energy cannons similar to those used by the E-2000 robots in Sonic Heroes and likely many more. However, unlike E-102 Gamma, Omega is somewhat inaccurate, (despite the fact that he has some kind of special targeting system),[40] most notably when he is firing many shots in every direction with expectations that some of them will hit.[41] He can also retract his hands in order to attach a spinning Shadow and Rouge in their place, either using the two as melee weapons or firing them as fireballs while in the middle of a jump,[42] (Omega Bazooka). He can perform a similar move without Shadow and Rouge were he just fires destructive fireballs directly at enemies (Omega Launcher).[43] This can cause multiple attack damage to an enemy within a single use. Another ability is his Lock-On Shot which allows Omega to lock-on to a number of surrounding enemies, then release to attack with a Homing Laser.[44] In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, he has two new abilities called Beam Cannon and Temporal Field. With Beam Cannon, Omega fires a powerful yellow laser at his enemy, in turn reducing certain enemies health points by a considerable amount. And he can deploy a purple energy sphere that phases an ally (or himself) and makes that ally hyper with Temporal Field. It has been confirmed that Omega carries gun magazines, as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog.[45] Omega can also utilize jet boosters built in his back to help accelerate and hover.[46] Also in Sonic 06, he can fire bullets, (possibly lasers) using his wrist guns to blow away anything in close range, (Omega Shot).

The following is a list of all of Omega's POW moves in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood along with descriptions of their functions:

  • Flamethrower: Omega reconfigures his claws to deliver a fire attack that hits multiple targets.
  • Beam Cannon: Omega reconfigures his claws to deliver a devastating laser beam that ignores armor.
  • Blazing Tornado: Rouge channels Omega's fire attack into a fiery exploding kick.
  • Wrecking Ball: Omega launches Big at a target, causing damage to and possibly distracting adjacent foes.
  • Temporal Field: Omega deploys a temporal field that phases a friend and makes that friend hyper.
  • Machine Gunner: Omega reconfigures his claws as gatling guns, delivering full-auto attacks to the opposing team.

Like most Sonic characters, but unlike most robots, Omega can jump and turn in a ball, known as the "spinball jump" or "spin attack;" he can also grind on rails like most characters but unlike most robots. Omega is also somewhat fast due to a pair of jet engines located on his back, (fast enough to keep up with Shadow and Rouge to be more precise),[47] that apparently can be used for floating (which he does along with Shadow and Rouge,[48] calling it the Triangle Dive). His walking speed isn't very impressive, but can be boosted by approximately 15% with adamantium double-lubricated actuator joints installed.[49] He has also displayed considerable physical strength.[50] Being a robot, Omega is able to resist strong blows with his remarkably tough armor,[11][51] certain forms of poisonous gas, psychic manipulation[52] and electrical currents that most of the other characters cannot pass through.[53]

In Sonic Heroes, Omega is able to use his team's Team Blast, "Chaos Inferno",[54] with Rouge and Shadow, which involves Rouge holding up Omega while he blasts everything around him with large purple energy beams and Shadow stops time with Chaos Control.

His built-in arm weapons are somewhat changed in Sonic the Hedgehog. He can now fold out guns all around his wrists instead of just replacing his hands with them[55] (although it is a possibility that Omega has had this ability for a while; because in Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega can be seen preparing to fire at Eggman without retracting his hand).[56] He can instead replace his hands with two powerful black Gatling gun like cannons.

Omega appears to be water proof as he doesn't short circuit in Frog Forest, Lost Jungle or Charyb's lair when it's full of water, but he does die when he falls into the water of Wave Ocean like many other characters in Sonic 06.

Omega has scanners that allow him to examine both machinery and living beings.[57] He is also equipped with some kind of built in sensor that allows him to locate enemies, life forms and other various objects such as switches.[58] Like all "Power types" in Sonic Heroes, Omega is also able to drive.[59]

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Omega, though one of the more powerful characters, has a few flaws that have hindered him, and may do so again in the future. It is likely that he cannot swim, so water may pose a problem.

He is also one of the slowest characters in the series, which makes him an easy hit should he come in contact with a foe such as Sonic, which is surprising as he was made to capture the equally fast Shadow. Although, his speed increases considerably when he uses his jet boosters.

Omega is also known to act before thinking, usually charging head-first into battle without any given strategy. This is Shadow's theory of how he could have been captured in Metropolis by the Marauders, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.[60]

At the end of a level in Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Omega's torso spins around. It is unknown if it is a glitch or done on purpose, but may indicate Omega may need a few tweaks as has stated.[61]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Omega can be equipped with a large amount of claw and hydraulic upgrades that can only be used by him.

Claws[edit | edit source]

Below is a full list of all of Omega's claw upgrades in alphabetical order along with information about what they do and their stats. None of them appear until the fifth chapter of Sonic Chronicles when Omega becomes playable.

  • Blunt Claws: Standard grade work claws. Slightly increases damage.
  • Cursed Claws: Prototype combat claws. Difficult to control, but very powerful. Very greatly increases damage. Attack -2, Defense -2.
  • Grapple Claws: Standard grade, durable and reliable combat claws. Moderately increases damage. Attack +2.
  • Iron Claws: Extra durable work claws combine protection with power. Moderately increases damage, slightly increases armor.
  • Serrated Claws: Aggressive, razor sharp combat claws that require caution to use. Greatly increases damage. Attack +1.
  • Spiny Claws: Needle-like claws that tear through steel. Greatly increases damage.
  • Titanium Claws: Master grade combat claws providing superior overall combat power. Greatly increases damage. Attack +2, Defense +2.

Hydraulics[edit | edit source]

Below is a full list of all of Omega's hydraulic upgrades in alphabetical order along with information about what they do and their stats.

  • Dura-Hydraulics: Double reinforced parts for maximum durability. Greatly increases armor.
  • Iron Hydraulics: Hardened metal for durability and greater hitting power. Moderately increases armor.
  • Master Hydraulics: Premium grade materials providing the best defence and armor. Greatly increases armor. Defense +1.
  • Oily Hydraulics: Well lubricated and lightweight parts for more agility. Slightly increases armor. Defense +3.
  • Rusty Hydraulics: Leftover parts from disassembled E-100 series robots. Moderately increases armor but decreases defence. Defense -2.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Omega rarely shows feelings other than cold hatred, very different from Gamma's calm and obedient personality, but there are a few occasions where he seems to care about other people.[11]

Team Dark[edit | edit source]

Omega's closest and only friends are his team members, Shadow and Rouge. Omega states what his relationship with both Shadow and Rouge is like in the following quote; "I relate to Shadow as he is also a weapon of incredible power meant to protect the delicate and flammable things of this world. I relate to Rouge in that she is highly resourceful and I am also able to destroy things in many inventive ways." [62]

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit | edit source]

Shadow and Omega are close allies. In fact, Shadow is perhaps Omega's closest friend and is even seen worrying over his well being,[63] (which is quite odd for Shadow as he usually keeps a tight lid on his emotions).

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega does not attempt to stop or destroy Shadow when Eggman claims that Shadow is an android that he created,[64] despite Omega's hatred of other Eggman robots. This is further shown in Sonic the Hedgehog where Shadow and Rouge encounter Omega in the future in standby mode. After Rouge notes that they can't do anything for him, Shadow seems to show reluctance about leaving.[65] Also, in Sonic the Hedgehog, Omega shows anger at Mephiles' hinting of Omega's future betrayal towards Shadow, and proceeds to attack him. Omega then shows sadness while revealing that his mission in the future was to capture Shadow.[66]

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Shadow joins Sonic's team to find Omega, even calling Omega his friend and showed respect towards him,[67] (which is most irregular for Shadow), and shows anger if you refuse to rescue him. He also joins up with Omega to perform a POW move called Focus Field, where the two of them strike an enemy together, with Shadow using Chaos Blast and Omega attacking with his machine guns. Shadow also teams up with all three members of Team Dark to perform another POW move called Metal Storm, which involves Shadow levitating Omega into the air and Rouge kicks him at an enemy.

Omega and Shadow also seem to have a friendly rivalry of who is the more powerful, similar to that of Sonic and Knuckles, with Omega believing the title belongs to him.[68] Technically, Omega is right in the fact that he has more physical power than Shadow, but which of the two is a better fighter is not confirmed. Shadow is the ultimate life form, but Omega is not a life form, so it is really a toss-up. They seem to be evenly matched in their only battle when they first meet in Sonic Heroes, but it is revealed in Sonic 06 that Omega was made to contain Shadow from escaping Dr. Eggman's base where he was being held and actually captured Shadow in the future, so it's likely that Omega could defeat Shadow like he did in Sonic 06.

Rouge the Bat[edit | edit source]

Omega is very loyal to Rouge. He usually follows her orders without question and is also quite caring about her. This is shown at the end of Sonic Heroes, in which Omega comforts an upset Rouge — albeit in a distant, matter-of-fact manner.[69]

They first meet in Sonic Heroes after Rouge stopped Shadow and Omega from destroying each other to hear both their stories. She convinces the two of them to join forces to find Eggman since that is their united goal. While searching for the doctor, Rouge becomes fond of the robot and they become friends fast. Omega also lets her sit in his hand during their victory poses.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, she supports Shadow's joining because she doesn't want Omega to be alone.[70] She shows that she has got tired of Omega's serious nature,[30] him always wanting revenge and her having to listen to him ramble on about it constantly.[10]

She is part of Omega's POW move called Blazing Tornado, where he covers Rouge in fire with his flamethrower and she then kicks an enemy with fire damage. She also teams up with both Shadow and Omega during Shadow's Metal Storm POW move, where Shadow levitates Omega into the air and Rouge kicks him at an enemy.

Doctor Eggman[edit | edit source]

Eggman is both Omega's creator and greatest enemy. Omega is constantly trying to get revenge on the doctor for imprisoning him and will do whatever it takes to prove himself superior to Eggman's other machines.[1] However, Omega has passed up his feelings of revenge when he is needed to take out a bigger threat, such as the Metal Overlord, Solaris and the Marauders.[71]

Eggman doesn't seem too concerned about Omega trying to destroy him and merely thinks of him as a "thorn in my [Eggman's] side".[10] In fact, Eggman hasn't really been seen interacting with Omega at all. And the few times he has been, like in Shadow the Hedgehog, could be considered non-canon.

Metal Sonic[edit | edit source]

The two might have only met once but the fact that Metal Sonic is one of Eggman's robots indicates that he and Omega are definitely enemies, (even going far enough for Omega to pass up his feelings of revenge).[72]

They first meet in Sonic Heroes (after Omega finished destroying a room full of Shadow Androids), where Omega helped to defeat Metal Sonic after he turned into the Metal Overlord along with his fellow team members. He is later seen exchanging looks with Shadow and holding a deactivated Metal Sonic in his arms.[73] It is unknown what they did with Metal Sonic or how Eggman Nega managed to get Metal and take control of him in Sonic Rivals.

Nocturnus Tribe[edit | edit source]

Omega had a brief encounter with the Marauders, but seeks revenge against them after they disabled and humiliated him by taking him apart with inferior machines.[10] He doesn't seem to want vengeance on Shade the Echidna though. Most likely because she left the Nocturnus and Omega decided that she wasn't a foe.

Mephiles the Dark[edit | edit source]

Mephiles is one of Omega's greatest enemies, (possibly coming second to Doctor Eggman himself). When they first meet, Omega saved Shadow by distracting Mephiles with his machine guns in Flame Core, after coming out of stand-by mode in Crisis City.[74] They then engaged in battle and Omega and Shadow prove victorious. Mephiles then escapes to the present with Shadow and Omega in hot pursuit. Mephiles escapes but Omega and Shadow keep looking for Mephiles.

Omega later finds and defeats Mephiles once again in Wave Ocean. Mephiles then revealed to Omega that he knew the he was the one responsible for imprisoning Shadow in the future. Enraged by this, Omega then proceeded to attack Mephiles with his machine guns. He then revealed this to Shadow and Rouge.

Omega then sets off with the other members of Team Dark in to Dusty Desert, determined as ever to seal Mephiles before he can merge with Iblis.[75] He and the others arrive too late, and then engage Mephiles in a final showdown.[76] They prove victorious yet again, but they fail to seal Mephiles using the new Scepter of Darkness. Mephiles then creates an army of copies of himself, and Team Dark destroy them (presumably) while Mephiles escapes.[77]

Later, Omega and the others are transported to an unknown location by Solaris. He then helps the others retrieve the Chaos Emeralds to save Sonic's soul by searching for one of them in Flame Core. He later watched Super Sonic, Super Silver and Super Shadow erase Solaris from existence, thus erasing Mephiles from existence as well.

E-Series[edit | edit source]

Omega harbors a deep hatred to all of the E-Series robots, (especially the E-2000 which Eggman began working on shortly after shutting Omega down.)[28] Omega is determined to destroy all the E-Series and any other of Eggman's robots[78] which he dismisses as "worthless consumer models".[79]

E-100 Series[edit | edit source]

The E-100 Series are Omega's predecessors. Although he has never actually been seen with any of his "brothers," Omega does indicate that he knows of their existence and he thinks them as his inferiors.[80]

During Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Omega is repaired by Tails using old robot parts from the disassembled E-100 Series that were installed in Eggman's old flying Laser Drones that had been reprogrammed to serve the Marauders.[10]

Sonic and friends[edit | edit source]

Although Omega has worked with Sonic and co. on numerous occasions, according to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood he only helps them because either Shadow or Rouge are involved in the matter.[11] He doesn't think much of Sonic and his team, and mainly refers to them as "MEATBAGS."[10][81]

He lacks any real relationship with any of them and it is likely several of them don't even know who he is, as Omega is one of the few characters in the series to barely have any social interaction with Sonic and his friends. In fact, the closest interaction he's had with any of them is when Tails repairs Omega in Sonic Chronicles, which could be considered non-canon since he is only optional and plays no major part in the story, so his largest canonical interaction would be when he fought teams Sonic and Chaotix.

This lack of interaction is most likely due to the fact that Omega is a "Team Dark-exclusive" character, only appearing as a playable character in games and storylines that involve both Shadow and Rouge, whom both only have minor interactions with Sonic and friends. Excluding Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Battle, Sonic Riders, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2 and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

G.U.N.[edit | edit source]

Omega seems to lack any negativity towards G.U.N., and doesn't seem to want anything to do with them, such as in the game Shadow the Hedgehog, where he tells Shadow to ignore the G.U.N. robots in the Iron Jungle stage (but this may be because he was more concerned with finding Eggman[82] or actually cared about them being destroyed). He does however, seem to look down on human government affairs, and sees them as a nuisance [83] (if anything).

Although some speculate that he is a member of G.U.N. like his friends since Rouge asked them for his location in Sonic 06,[84] but this has yet to be confirmed. Although he does join GUN in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics series.

Alternate versions[edit | edit source]

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit | edit source]

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Omega is yet to appear in any other Sonic media, but the current head writer of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, Ian Flynn has stated that he has "concrete plans" for Omega.[25]

It has been revealed that Flynn is going to put these plans to use this year.[85]

The unfinished cover of Sonic Universe has been released since then, with Omega, Shadow and E-102 Gamma on it, revealing which comic the plans are being put into action in.

Omega Care Unit[edit | edit source]

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Omega's comic counterpart has an alternate universe doppelganger called the Omega Care Unit, which is a special health-care suit. The Omega Care Unit looks a lot like Omega, except it's blue, has green eyes, has the peace sign on both it's shoulders instead of just the capital Omega symbol (Ω) on the front it's left, has metal circles on it's wrist instead of spikes, the triangle symbols with lines on Omega's arms and flaps are replaced with circles and the care unit uses it's claws along with stunning weapons instead of destructive.[86]

The Omega Care Unit was built by Dr. Ivo Kintobor to prolong Buns Rabbot's life after she developed Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. Buns mistook Sonic for Scourge and attacked him and Amy Rose, after they came out of a dimensional portal into Julian's home to try and find assistance against the Suppression Squad.[87][88] She later accompanies Sonic and Amy to the alternate version of Castle Acorn to find Rosy the Rascal to help stop Scourge.[89]

The care unit is partially destroyed, however, when Buns tried to protect the stolen Globe Posts from Rosy and lost.[90] Luckily, the suit still had some power left that she used to fly out of the Anti Castle Acorn and back to Dr. Kintobor's tower.[91] Dr. Kintobor had the suit back together in no time and Buns was later seen in it taking the stolen Globe Posts back to the doctor's tower.

Sonic Universe[edit | edit source]

Omega will appear in an upcoming issue of Sonic Universe which is set to make its first ever release on Feburary 24th 2009.[92][93] Previously, current writer Ian Flynn stated that he planned on giving Shadow the Hedgehog a larger supporting cast and that there would be new characters in Sonic Universe, including those from the games that have never appeared before.[94] This left Omega as one of the few possible to appear, as only he, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese, Cream's mother Vanilla, the GUN Commander, Emerl, Mephiles the Dark, Princess Elise, Pir'Oth Ix, the aliens from the Twilight Cage, Chip, (who's use has been banned by SEGA),[95] and Eggman Nega (who has been confirmed to appear in an upcoming issue) had yet to appear.

When Flynn was asked if Omega was going to appear, he said he couldn't "confirm or deny him appearing at the present time."[24] He has also stated that he has "Solid, concrete plans" for Omega[25] that were put into action for Sonic Universe #3, where Omega can be seen on the cover apparently doing battle with Shadow and E-102 Gamma.[22]

As Omega will appear, there is quite a big possibility that he might also appear in the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic as Sonic Universe ties in with it.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Omega has a mixed reception from fans. Some see Omega simply as a bad remake of E-102 Gamma, that he is just a filler for Team Dark, saying that both Gamma and his story are much more complex than Omega, although some like that because they think quite a few Sonic characters are too complex, like Shadow the Hedgehog for example.

Some see him as a fun character not really needed to the plot and acts as a sort of comedy relief to the games he's in. Fans also think of Omega as not being very developed because he seems to add nothing to the series besides trying to kill Eggman endlessly.[96]

All in all, Omega is a character who has little fan base, but few people view the character in a negative manner.

Voice actors[edit | edit source]

It is unknown who Omega's next voice actor will be, seeing as the first one was fired, the second retired, and the third expired.

Theme songs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Sonic Heroes, using the metal character cheat in two player mode, (which can also be used in one player mode through hacking on the computer version), still affects Omega despite the fact that he is already made out of metal.[102]
  • It is possible that he is not powered by an animal like the rest of the E-Series robots, (with the exception of E-121 Phi and ZERO). As he was in standby mode for over two hundred years in Sonic the Hedgehog, therefore the animal would have died by then (although he does mention something about a back-up power source).[45]
  • In the Challenge Mode of Sonic Heroes, Omega's eyes appear white while ordinarily they are red.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the scene where Shadow and Omega return from the future, if you look closely above the purple portal you can see Omega on top of it before he comes out of it.[103]
  • The capital Omega symbol (Ω) on Omega's shoulder keeps changing. In Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, the Omega symbol is on the front of his left shoulder and back of his right,[104] in Sonic 06 it's just on the front of his left[66] and in Sonic Chronicles it's on both sides of his shoulders.[105]
  • During any battle in Charyb's lair, the player can see air bubbles coming out of Omega even though he can't breath.
  • Many people believe that Omega's stripe was originally white/grey/silver when it is actually black. This is because of how shiny the characters were in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, so what they were actually seeing was the shine off of Omega's stripe instead of the actual color. This does not include Sonic 06 where it actually is white/grey/silver.
  • The term "Meatbag" was first used by HK-47 who debuted in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in 2003, another game developed by BioWare. Coincidentally, Omega and HK-47 made their world-wide video game debuts in the same year.
  • Omega's first voice actor, Jon St. John, was also the voice of Big the Cat, Chaos Gamma and Duke Nukem from the series of the same name. By coincidence, Duke Nukem is yet another "gun toting" and destruction loving character.
  • Omega's second voice actor, Andrew Rannells, also voiced Gamma in Sonic X, though his voice of Omega was different from Gamma's higher pitched Sonic X voice and sounded remarkably like Jon St. John's, making many fans believe it was the same person.
  • Omega's third voice actor/actress, the late Maddie Blaustein, was also the voice of the President, E-10000G, E-10000R, the Babylon Guardian and Meowth from Pokemon. With her now deceased, it is currently unknown who will take over Omega's voice, when/if he appears again.
  • Omega has never been voiced by the same English voice actor twice in any of the games he's been in. The first was fired, the second retired and the third "passed away."
  • Omega is the only "Amigo" character in Sonic the Hedgehog to fight in a boss level. (He fought Mephiles the Dark in the Flame Core level along with Shadow.)
  • Omega and Gamma have been known to get mixed up by those new to the Sonic series, despite them having distinct design differences.
  • Omega and Shadow could be considered to be relatives since Shadow was created by Eggman's grandfather Gerald, and Omega was created by Eggman.
  • Many fans believe that the song "Waking Up" by Julien-K,[106] (the theme song for the "neutral ending" of Shadow the Hedgehog), is also meant for Omega as well as Shadow, as some of the lyrics also describe certain characteristics of Omega.[107]
  • After the events of Sonic '06, Omega's capturing of Shadow is apparently erased from time, but it is currently unknown if the erasing of Iblis from history canceled this future event, as it was Shadow whom the world used as a scapegoat for Iblis' reign of destruction as they feared his power, so they could do it again with a different terror.
  • Omega was the first of the main characters in the Sonic video game franchise to use guns and other heavy artillery weapons. The only other one at the moment is Shadow. Although, the first ever Sonic character was Fang the Sniper who hasn't been seen in the Sonic video game series since Sonic the Fighters.
  • Omega was probably removed from the final story of Shadow the Hedgehog because Shadow was supposed to defeat Black Doom without an ally character, and all the others were frozen to the spot thanks to a Black Arm gas that petrifies organic beings, (minus the Black Arms themselves and being with Black Arm DNA). Since Omega is a robot, he would have been immune to the affects of the gas and ruined the ending of the game.
  • Omega's victory poses always involve him either spinning or turning his torso. It is unknown if this is done on purpose or is a glitch in his programming.
  • Omega, Cream the Rabbit, all three members of Team Chaotix and Blaze the Cat are the only recurring playable characters to not get their own personal theme song.
  • Omega was featured in Sonic & the Black Knight on two pieces of winning artwork made by fans.[108]
  • It is probable that Omega doesn't know he was made to contain Shadow as he didn't even know who he was in Sonic Heroes.[109]

References[edit | edit source]

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