Imperator Pir'Oth Ix the Echidna is the leader of the titular organization of the game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and the game's main antagonist. Originally the leader of the Nocturnus Tribe of Echidnas, he incited his people to war against the Knuckles Tribe in the time of Pachacamac and Tikal. After their rival tribe was wiped out by Chaos, Ix was set to lead his people to dominance with their army of Gizoids. But before they could claim the planet for themselves, their home island of Nocturne was pulled through a


wormhole into the dimension of the Twilight Cage. Ix remained in charge of his people, manipulating them and the other inhabitants of the cage-- namely the Zoah, Kron, Voxai, and N'rrgal-- into obeying his orders. Finally, after 4000 years, which was only few years in the Cage, Ix devised technology to allow him to send operatives back to their home reality temporarily with the intention of retrieving the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald in order to bring about their full return. Ix claimed that his plan was merely to escape the Cage, but in truth he wished to resume his dreams of world domination. Upon learning of this, Shade, one of his trusted lieutenants, turned against him and sided with Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and their allies. Together, they defeated Ix in the Twilight Cage, despite his achieving a super transformation, but Ix attempted to trap them by using his power to close the wormhole that had enabled them to enter the cage. However, they escaped, leaving Ix and the rest of the Dark Brotherhood trapped within the Twilight Cage once more. Ix doesn't resemble an echidna at first glance much because of his cloak and hoodish head gear hides his true appearance. Ix was defeated by Super Sonic in the final battle of Sonic Chronicles; his eventual fate is unknown.

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