Rouge the Bat is a treasure hunter with a taste for jewels. She has a really big crush on Knuckles the Echidna, but she will not admit that she does. Her policy is that her duty comes first. She is very secretive and will switch from a good side, to a bad side to confuse people.


Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

She and Knuckles have a strange relationship, them being rivals as treasure hunters, but then again Rouge tends to flirt with Knuckles, even calling him "Knuckie".

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

In Sonic X Rouge and Shadow first met when she was making a buisness transaction with Dr.Eggman. She showed intrest in Shadow, like she cared for him. In the last episode of Sonic X, when she was staring at the capsule she had found him in earlier in the season, Eggman said that she was worried about him, she denied this.

Amy RoseEdit

She and Amy have some sort of rivalry, and Rouge sometimes tends to tease her.


Rouge has shown a joy in teasing the young fox, as shown in the show where she kissed him on the cheek to make him lose a battle.