Shadow Androids (シャドウ・アンドロイド) are robots created by Doctor Eggman that resemble Shadow the Hedgehog. They first appear in Sonic Heroes and are seen in tubes and again in Shadow the Hedgehog as enemies. They rival Shadow's abilities almost completely and travel in packs. They shoot with missiles from their hands as to hone all of Sonic and Shadow's physical combat skills, but are incomplete, and are very buggy in close combat, but can still make up for it in high speed battles. Eggman has apparently discontinued the production of these robots, but the reason is unknown.


In Shadow the Hedgehog's self-titled game, 5 robotic versions of Shadow, along with the real Shadow the Hedgehog, were playable in the multiplayer mode. They all claimed to be the real Shadow, and that the others were fake. One was simply a Shadow Android with yellow stripes, gloves, and shoes. The others were silver, resembling Metal Sonic, but with different stripe colors ranging from blue, pink, orange, and green. Two of them had a bomb launcher and the other two had rapid-fire guns, and the weapons were non-removable, while they had infinite ammunition. However, it is debatable if the yellow android was really a robot, and if they were created by Eggman or not. They all were voiced by Shadow's voice actor, Jason Anthony Griffith.