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6/30/09, User Blogs are released!
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6/6/09, Shadow Spy Net welcomes new "Featured User" polls!
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5/11/09, Shadow Spy Net receives a new look!
The interface has been changed to make it actually feel like a spy net. Also, the skin was changed to be in Shadow's color scheme.
4/5/09, First non-stub article All Hail Shadow!
This is a music article about Shadow's theme in Sonic '06 and ShTH

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the Chaos Emeralds, as they appeared in early Sonic games

The Chaos Emeralds are seven fictional gems from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Chaos Emeralds have mystical properites and abilities, and the holder of them all can use them for a large variety of things, such as transforming into a powerful "super form" and raising the dead. Each emerald is composed of positive and negative charged materials which make them an everlasting sourcy of energy and allow them to float in the air. All player characters that are capable of transforming only use the positive charged part of the Emeralds to do so, which is demonstrated by Sonic at the end of Sonic Adventure (except possibly Shadow, who had been shown using positive and negative energy in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure 2 respectively)...

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All Hail Shadow music video

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