Shadow Wants To Buy Laptop.




Tails (Narrator)


Shadow:Can I Buy Laptop?

Cream:Yes I'll Pay!

Shadow:Thanks Cream!

Cream:You're Welcome Mr Shadow!

Shadow:*At Home* Sign Your Name Is Shadow! *Types Shadow* There Now We Have To Wait Untill The Updates Is Done! *Shadow Waits For It*

Tails:1 Hour Later!

Shadow:*Humming It's A Small World*

Tails:2 Hours Later!

Shadow:*Coloring My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic*

Tails:3 Hours Later!

Shadow:*Snoring* *Then,Updates Done*

Sonic:*Walks Though The Shadow's Room* Shadow Is Asleep While Wait For Updates Is Done! When I Count To 3 Let's Say Wake Up Shadow! 1 2 3 WAKE UP SHADOW!

Shadow:*Wakes Up And Blubbers* What Is It Sonic?

Sonic:Look Updates Is Done Now You Can Play *Walks Through The Talk To Amy* Bye Shadow Don't Fall Asleep Again!

Shadow:Bye Sonic!