Sonic Battle is a 3D fighting game(The sprite movement is in 2 dimensional as figured to the game) for the Gameboy Advance.It was developed by Sonic Team and published by THQ and was first released at December 4, 2003.


Battles are fought in 3D arenas with up to 4 players. Each character has a set of attacks and abilities. Most of the of attacks are used with B button, including the combo (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Attack), Air Attack, Upper Attack,used to knock opponents straight up,Heavy Attack,used to knock opponents away and Aim Attack,used to pursue an opponent after the Heavy Attack. The A button is used for jumping, and the L button lets the player block attacks, or heal damage if the button is held. The playable characters also have unique special moves, the three types being Shot, Power, and Set.


There are various minigames in the game,thus,shadow featuring his own: The Shadow Speed Demon Race: A racing mini game,and also based od Radical Highway(a stage in Sonic Adventure 2).