This Machine is the theme song for Team Dark, performed by Julien-K.

(Verse 1)

A shadow of myself, just who am I?

Scan horizons

A tragic mystery

You could have left me here, sealed inside the pod

No one would ever know the Chaos Control

My true identity, the power that is me


We all danced in fire, trapped in this machine

Don't know how long we waited as the Eggman's watching

We all danced in fire, looking through the screen

Don't know how long we waited as the Eggman watches

(Verse 2)

With Rouge in the fight, electric lives

Change surroundings

A jewel in history

A treasure disappears, as she goes

Miss her as you look away and no on knows

This power is a key, this power changes me!

(repeat chorus)

(Chaos Control)


(Chaos Control)

(Chaos Control)

(Verse 3)


You didn't know, now I'm gonna show you

The power that is me

You try to take me down, stop the show

Seems you've never tasted fear, or loss of control

The power lives in me, the power that is me!

(repeat chorus)